Pars Tabiat Cellulose Vision

Contributing to cleaner environment and enhancing life quality and people health and convenience via green strategy and cutting-edge technologies while leaving no waste material

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 :Green Strategy

best use of cellulose raw material without harming nature and cutting off trees-

using materials with no pollution during preparation, processing and recycling-

smaking sure the products do no harm to the nature during production, while using and after disposal- 

analyzing ways of using products and its decomposability-

best and efficient use of green resources in value chain

Pars Tabiat Cellulose Mission

    We have commitments to extend our brand and social responsibility while satisfying customers in domestic and international markets through advanced technologies and foresight to supplying and designing unique and quality products and offering packaging solutions

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We: beneficiaries including shareholders, employees and business partners (suppliers)

Future Studies:  future planning is a conscious and precautionary method

Advanced Technologies: cutting-edge technologies that are competing and efficient  

Unique Design: studying the current and future demand of customers and their interactive behavior with products considering feasibility and environmentally-friendliness of them via NPD (New Product Development)

Unique Production: using quality and standard raw material in all stages of production and advanced technologies in formulation, processing, packaging and distribution

Unique Services: support and interaction with customers from order to delivery of products should be fast and beyond expectation of customers

Types of Tableware: different types generally known as disposable tableware

Cellulose Products: all products are made from farm natural cellulose

Distinguished Quality: the quality of products makes it distinguished among other similar domestic or foreign products

Advanced Technologies: continuous research and implementing cutting-edge technologies

Hardware: developing equipment and machineries to increase quality and quantity

Software: upgrading management and controller systems

Software: brand architecture

Customers: enhancing health and life quality in cleaner environment

Social Responsibility: economic, legal and moral responsibility toward society, employees, customers and business partners (suppliers)

Respecting nature and human rights

Top choice of customers in Iran and the world: competitive and convincing customers throughout the world to purchase products. The world means the selected markets in different countries

Top Priorities of Pars Tabiat Cellulose

protecting the environment-

observing the organizational rules and regulations on protecting the environment-

respecting the rights of all beneficiaries-

considering eco-system in designing and management of corporation-

cherishing human resources and noticing their needs-

honesty in words and actions-

development of technology and focus on innovations-

interaction and cooperation with business partners-

steady improvements and progress through team work-